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Did you just search for this?

Did you just search for this, or have you been googleing for a while? If you’re here, maybe you searched why choose a life coach? Perhaps what are the benefits of life coaching? Maybe you also searched how do I get motivated or even, I feel stuck and don’t how to get moving again.

Well, I am glad you are here. You have found the right place to start. Here are a few things to consider and a bit about what you will benefit from when you work with me.

This is a safe place to discuss and explore ideas

What ideas do you get? Even though most of us have at least one person in our lives that we can talk to about anything, that person still brings their own opinions and personal fears into the conversation.

As a coach I am on your side 100% of the time, whether that means picking one thing and working on tiny action steps towards it or having a multiple ideas and getting focused on trying them out one at a time to see which one fits. We can get you to where you want to be.

Your mindset will be challenged

Much of the work we will work through together is on mindset. I have and will always believe that everyone has the resources and capabilities to do what they set their mind to.

However, there are occasions when our minds are what hold us back , slow us down or even get in the way.

Life coaching is a powerful way to evaluate and challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Shifting your mindset into one that helps you thrive. This is where I can support you in taking the time to take on board and digest what your mind is telling you, and work towards uncovering what it is that you need to succeed and get to where you want to go. Working with you on each and every step of the way in shedding your old mindset and helping your write your new story and beliefs that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Answering the right questions will help you move forwards

Often, I will hear a client say to me, That’s a really good question. I then completely respect their silence as they stop to really think and find what the answer is.

This is when you know great things are happening. Thought provoking questions invite you to think and find insight and challenge your assumptions. Often, the simple questions bring on the biggest light bulb moments.

Having a space to reflect on things instead of going through the motions is a great tool when you feel a little lost and need some help finding your way on the map again.

Being accountable to yourself is great. Having someone to share your accountability with takes you to a whole new level.

Changing and finding new and beneficial habits are really easy to think of, but not so easy to develop and sustain. Showing up for yourself every day and working towards your goals while taking the small steps to achieving a bigger target.

Working with me you have an accountability partner that can not only help you in setting those smaller benchmarks but can help you to think about and analyse with when things don’t go according to plan. No judgement, just learning points and things to do differently tomorrow.

Accountability is not just about having someone who keeps you taking the right steps, but it’s about being able to reflect on what worked and even what didn’t. This will allow you to grow and develop and be the best solution finder you can be. Then nothing will stop you.

Action = Feedback, results and then confidence

As people we like to think. We like to have things worked out before we feel confident enough to take action. A lot of the work you do when you are working with me will be about your thoughts, your feelings, and of course your mindset. Having support with you will increase your belief and confidence through taking action.

You will be taking small steps and working towards becoming a version of yourself that may not yet be present.

Working with you I will encourage you to come up with action every time we meet to build on the awareness and learning you gain from each session. Working by your side as you explore and try things and celebrate your wins so you can gain confidence in your ability to be the person you want to be and live the life you deserve.

There are many different ways I can help

Whether you have a personal goal, you want to achieve more in your career or work or you just feel there is another version of you that you would like to set free, my purpose is to enable you to be empowered to take responsibility for your life, keep you accountable and to help you reach your full potential.

Ready to start? Then so am I

Click here to book and to start Book Sessions | Your Success | UK (

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