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We have been working with Keith for the past 8 years and he will be back with us again this October. Keith has delivered a variety of training sessions for us with the most recent one being a Customer Service training to all members of our organisation.


What I enjoy the most about working with Keith is that he really listens to why our business is asking for the training and will tailor the course to meet our specific business needs and objectives. His training style is enthusiastic, detailed, engaging and inclusive. The feedback from staff is always positive after Keith has delivered a session and at all levels of the organisation, we find that everyone benefits and has things to take away and utilise during their day-to-day role.


From a Managers perspective, Keith is fantastic at communicating both before, during and after the training. The process leading up to the course is collaborative and Keith provides detailed feedback after the course so that I know how it’s gone and what needs to happen moving forwards. Keith is extremely knowledgeable and professional trainer and I would highly recommend him to any organisation who are thinking of using his services.


Alice Hulley  Leisure Director Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club

I found out that Keith was offering some free one-off sessions and I jumped at the chance to take this offer up as Keith has had such a positive impact on me in the past when he has ran inhouse training sessions for my organisation. 


In the weeks prior to my session I was feeling overwhelmed by work and home life and was struggling to find the balance. I felt like I was drowning in work and didn't know where to start. 

Please read the full testimonial here - Thank you Kate (yoursuccesssolutions.com)


                                Kate Clough - York


I am the Business Improvement Manager for Pembrokeshire County Councils Leisure and Culture department included 10 Leisure facilities with over 10,000 memberships (pre-covid) along with libraries, museums, country parks, registrars and areas of tourism.

Keith Small who I have known for over 10 years has been instrumental in helping with the planning, development and income generation for the above mentioned areas.  Our approach to planning, developing and delivering services has benefited greatly with Keith’s expertise and knowledge during what has been a very difficult year for income generation.


Keith’s attention to detail, calmness in a crisis and motivational approach along with a willingness to turn his hand to anything that comes his way has proved to be very helpful, encouraging and reassuring. 


Keith has not only trained the  leisure team in customer service, sales and marketing and generating leads.  He has also helped us to develop and tackle new products to markets including weddings and country parks.  A very experienced trustworthy and loyal individual who I would highly recommend  to any type of business.  He is very adaptable and has trained and coached individuals, small groups and very large groups and the results have led to customer service awards and exceptional net promoter scores from a range of users and members.


Julie Ashley-Jones     Business Improvement Manager   Pembrokeshire County council

We operate in an environment where small margins make a significant difference. We engaged Keith’s expertise to help us optimise our team output and to identify gaps or blind spots we have as a senior management team. 


The motivational maps have provided a fascinating insight into our team dynamics - what makes our team hungry for success, how team members like to be recognised/rewarded and also how we can work cohesively as a team. With the professional and expert follow up support from Keith, motivation maps have now become a key factor in periodically reviewing and benchmarking our performance as an organisation. 


I would highly recommend including motivational mapping as an ongoing part of any companies review process. The motivational mapping process via Keith is time efficient and easy to complete (10 minutes for the initial questionnaire) and produces accurate and concise feedback for individuals and as a team map which we found very insightful. 


James Lorey     Operations Director    Your Personal Training

We have worked with Keith frequently over the last 9 years, and keep bringing him back due to the quality of his delivery.  Keith takes the time listen to your needs as a business and adapts his courses to ensure content is relevant for the attendees, but also has an actionable impact on day to day operations.


He has an excellent manner in his course delivery that engages attendees, ensures everyone contributes and generates their own ideas.  These ideas are then packaged into small take-away that can make a big difference to your customer service and sales processes.



York Sport

I always appreciate the feedback I receive from clients after their team training, coaching or Motivational Map sessions and I love to build ongoing relationships. 

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