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Would you like to improve your sales process?

Would you like your customers to enjoy the experience of getting started?

Would you like your team to feel confident in delivering a tour of your facilities that enables you to reach your membership goals?

If you are based in the health and fitness industry, perhaps you run or work at a health club or you work at a leisure centre, then this is for you... watch the video to learn more.

I have had the pleasure of working within the health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years. This kind of experience helps you to learn, grow and develop strategies and what I want to offer you is the opportunity to maximise on each and every enquiry that you get, which is the reason for The Your Success Sales Academy.

The Sales Academy will be offering 12 sessions of 20-30 minutes long on topics like improving your sales process, understanding your customer’s needs, delivering a focused tour, to asking for the business and gaining referrals. You will also get topics on generating leads from site, to making and taking calls and making sure that your email follow up gets you results.


There are 2 ways you can get involved in the Your Success Sales Academy

  1. You can cover one session per week for 12 weeks

  2. You can take the more intense approach and cover 4 sessions per week over 3 weeks


To back up your learning each topic comes with an end of section exercise to check your understanding and allow you to implement what you have learnt straight away. Plus, there will be a weekly live Q&A for all Sales Academy participants where I will answer questions, offer further insight, allow participants to tap into my experience and ensure that you get maximum value from attending.

Sales Academy (12 weeks) Billed Monthly

Sales Academy (12 weeks) Billed Monthly

Sales Academy (3 weeks intensive)

Sales Academy (3 weeks intensive)

next sales academy start date:
Monday 21st june, 2021
Monday 5th july, 2021

Can't find a date that works for you? New Sales Academy applicants can start every 2 weeks. If you need to know more please let me know.

need a future start date?