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Thank you Kate

I have just had the most wonderful feedback from someone who was kind enough to take me up on my free 60 minute coaching session in February.

If you are thinking about taking some coaching from me or indeed anyone else please have a read.

Thank you again Kate I hope I can be of service again soon.

The full content is below

I found out that Keith was offering some free one-off sessions and I jumped at the chance to take this offer up as Keith has had such a positive impact on me in the past when he has ran inhouse training sessions for my organisation.

In the weeks prior to my session I was feeling overwhelmed by work and home life and was struggling to find the balance. I felt like I was drowning in work and didn't know where to start.

During the session Keith listened to me, he made me feel like everything I was feeling was ok and then gave me suggestions on how to apply some techniques to my everyday life to help manage the situation.

I left the session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted and I immediately started to apply the techniques and it instantly made a difference to my daily life. I feel like I am on top of work and the balance is improving,

I am allowing myself to take a step back, plan and organise and this is allowing me to be more productive and feel like I have increased my productivity levels


Keith was such a positive influence and I hope to have future sessions with him to allow me to continue to improve things further.

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