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Sales Tip of the Week - What’s your Sales Process?

Across the board there are all kinds of enquiries you might receive about purchasing a product or service from you. But do you have a sales process in place to guide your team and your customers to a positive outcome?

If you do great.

But when did you last review it?

Regular reviews and improvements can make a massive difference to the service you deliver in this area. If you don’t have a process in place you may not be getting the most from enquiries that should be bringing revenue into your business. Wherever you find yourself right now it is important to consider a few things and put some action points in place.

A quick review might look something like this

  1. How do we understand our customer’s needs? Do we ask or survey to ensure we are in tune with their requirements?

  2. Do we match customers’ needs to our products? How do our team members make sure they match customers’ needs to the right product or service?

  3. Do we have a way of staying in touch and creating repeat business? Data capture, reasons to return how do we do it and what are they?

  4. Do we have a list of possible objections and how to overcome them? At some stage a customer might decline what you are offering so is there a strategy or some extra information that might aid their decision? Most problems have a positive solution.

  5. Is there a referral and or a reward programme? It can be great to offer something for introducing new customers or making more regular visits or purchases, so what can you offer or put in place to aid this?

  6. Do we as a team believe in our process and do we use it? This is where the importance of regular reviews come in. If your team don’t know the process in place or don’t believe in it how can you fix this? Perhaps get their feedback put some training in place or ensure your process is more user friendly for both team and customers.

Whatever you do, do not overlook this important part of your service delivery as both your organisation and your customers will be missing out.

If you want some help or advice then be sure to drop me a line

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