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Sales Tip of the Week - Can you sum up what you do in 30 seconds?

Before we start please try something for me. Go find someone close by and explain who you are and what you and your company/place of work do?

So how did you do?

Sometimes being given an opportunity to connect at a networking event or when you are put on the spot when an unexpected opportunity comes up to promote yourself, or where you work, we can miss out.

Often in what can feel like a pressure or stressful situation can elevate those fight or flight instincts and we don’t think as logically as we should.

So how do you prepare for these situations?

Well first you need to consider the benefits to this...

Personal Benefits include

  • Increased Focus - You will get the important points across to those you are speaking to

  • Increased Personal Power – Being prepared will give you greater confidence and mean you get more from these opportunities and you will want to talk to people at these kind of events.

For many you may recognise this as your elevator pitch. The term given to finding yourself in an elevator or similar space with just a short time to pitch yourself to someone who you’ve been keen to speak to or could have influence about making an introduction for you.

A few simple steps can be really useful:

  • State who you are

  • State who your company is/who you work for

  • Creatively tell what you do and the benefits you offer

  • Asks a question- How do you achieve that at the moment?

  • Ends with why the customer should work with you - call to action

When you have a moment take 5 minutes to consider these steps and put together your elevator pitch and practice on someone close by. If you want some help or advice then be sure to drop me a line.

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